Introduction of “Gomayan”

“Gomayan” was born 1999, 1.3M height. Sesame shaped Character,
sitting and grinding sesame, is very lovely bronze statue.

Designed by Sculptor Mr.Nukumizu Masato.
Solicited its name publicly and finally named “Gomayan”
which sound cute as Osaka-taste

Gomayan appears at many points, such as Big wall painted
Gomayan at head office. Gomayan doll is on sale and also
Gomayan table bottle for sesame is on sale.
Gomayan is always sitting at the shop entrance for welcoming customers.
We hope you just give them a smile of love.

Profile of “Gomayan”

The sculptor Nukumizu Msato
Name given by public namer through our Home Page.
Elder brother * Born at 1999
Younger brother * Born at 2006
about 130cm
Grind the Sesame
■How to distinguish the brothers
Elder brother holding the sesame grinding ball with legs,
Younger brother sitting on heels.

  • CD of Gomayan song has been released and on sale,
  • Gomayan bottle
  • Gomayan doll
  • Gomayan seals
  • Gomayan post cards