Sesame nutritive value

The Sesame is filled with various nutrition

Big power
in the little tiny
Sesame seed !

From ancient time, the Sesame believed has a lot kind of nutrition not only Sesamin and recently it has been scientifically improved

  • mineral

    calcium iron magnesium
    Phosphorus selenium

  • Fat(About 50%)

    Contain mainly Linoleic acid and Linoleic acid of Unsaturated Fatty Acid

  • Vegetable Fiber(About 10%)

    Mostly Insoluble Vegetable Fiber

  • Protein(About 20%)

    Contain a lot of Methionine of Essential Amino Acid

  • Sesame lignan(About 1%)

    As Sesame special ingredient, It contain strong antioxidant power, such as Sesamin・Sesamolin/Sesami Nord etc.

  • Vitamin

    Contains vitamin B group and antioxidant vitamin E

The Sesamin, full of nutrition.
Take 2 big spoonful esame everyday.

The Sesame contains full of Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate・Vitamin・ Mineral・Vegetable Fiber which are essential for us. Its nutritional value is very high among vegetable food. We, Wadaman sincerely recommend you to take 2 big spoonful Sesame everyday which contain calcium contained in one bottle of milk, protein contained one third of Tofu, Iron contain 100grm of spinach, and Vegetable Fiber included 70grms of Fresh Seaweed.
It’s rather recommendable to take Ground Sesame and Sesame Paste for better nutrition absorption.

Sesame Sovereign Remedy “Sesame Lignan”

As The Sesame is filled with various nutrition, The Sesame Lignan is the most important nutrition which contain the strong antioxidant power. The Sesame Lignan restraint the progress of carbohydrate inside the body which really contribute to our health.That makes sense, The sesame Oil is the most antioxidant among all of oils. The Sesame Lignan is the sovereign remedy for keeping you younger all the time.