Basic knowledge and production area of Sesame.

Gold Sesame to more people

Gold sesame is now very popular among people.Originally it was called”yellow sesame” because of its yellowishcolor, but it was named as “golden sesame” for starting sales.

Gold sesame has much stronger fragrance than white sesame and more luxurious quality.

Since Japanese people is very particular about sesame, we have been trying our best to let more of you Enjoy Sesame.

White sesame, Black Sesame, Gold sesame

Gold Sesame with Aroma

Gives you very strong aroma !
Mainly cultivated at Turkey but in small quantity, They are used for any kind of recipe such as GOMA-AE(Sesame dressed vegetables), FURIKAKE(splinkled over rice and vegetable) when you need to emphasize Sesame taste.

Black Sesame with rich taste

Good to use for cooking which require unique and rich taste. It goes good for splinkling over steamed rice, rice with redbean and sesame dressed vegetable as well.

White sesame with sweet taste

Mild sweet taste and soft aroma, flavor

Roasting, Grinding and Squeezing etc.

Sesame products’ name vary depending on process

  • Washed Sesame

    Clean up the sesame seed and wash, dry them

  • Roasted Sesame

    Clean up the sesame seed, wash and roast them

  • Ground Sesame

    Crushed the roasted sesame

  • Sesame Paste

    Knead the roasted sesame and make them creamy.

  • Sesame Oil

    Crush and squeeze the roasted sesame to make sesame oil

Let’s cultivate Sesame !

The sesame can be cultivated at home. Such a tiny little sesame seed grow up more than 150cm plant and bring on sesame.
For Sesame cultivation, hot and dry climate is suitable therefore seeding at May-June and harvesting at Sept. is the best season for it. In Japan, they are cultivated mainly at Kyushu area, Hyogo-Pre., Toyama-Pre., Shimane-Pre.,Aichi-Pre.. The Sesame seeds for seeding is available at Wadaman.

  • Sesame seeds

  • Fresh leaves of sesame

  • Sesame Blossoms

  • Harvest

Place of origin is Africa

The Sesame is believed originally cultivated at Savanna district of Southern Egypt or Northern Sudan about few thousand years ago.
They were introduced to Arabian countries and then to China through the silk road.
They were also brought to Japan at Jomon Era late part

People in Asian countries and Middle-East very much like The Sesame.

Sesame consumption per person in Korea is the biggest in the world, they eat Sesame with “Namuru” and Seaweed.
Japanese also consume a lot of Sesame, they have wide variety of Sesame cooking recipe
Most people in Middle-East like the Sesame paste as it’s very rich nutritious.
Consumption of the Sesame is also increasing recently at USA and Europe.

  • Traditional Middle-East dishes “Hummus”

  • Black Sesame “Steamed Sesame jam Bun” at Taiwan

  • Sesame Pizza at Turkey