About The Sesame farm Owner system

Let’s cultivate the Sesame together !~About The Sesame farm Owner system~

99.9 % of Sesame consumed in Japan is cultivated in overseas countries.
It has already been 9 years at End of this year 2018 since we launched “The Wadaman Sesame farm Owner system” in order to increase domestic self-sufficiency rate and let people have interest in Sesame. The domestic Sesame farmers have been in difficulty for these years because of bad weather conditions during cultivating.
In other hand, we welcome the participants to work with us as partners for this year project. We would like to enjoy the rich Sesame crop at this Autumn through working together with partners in seeding, harvesting and assorting the Sesame.
For the Sesame farm owners, we invite them to cultivate Sesame and make certain Gifts to them.

About Owner system

■Participation fee
2000JY for each lot(Individual or Family)
■Number of Offering
50 lot (2 lot max for each individual)
Teraguchi District, Katsuragi-shi, Nara Pref.
①Present freshly roasted your harvested Sesame
Freshly Roasted Sesame or Ground Sesame.
②Join the Sesame cultivating
Let’s experience together the Sesame cultivating,
harvesting and other agricultural work.
With children also welcomed.
③Periodical report
on growth condition is made through exclusive brog, Wadaman H/P
④Special sales program,
We offer wadaman’s Sesame products with specially lower price once a year.

How to apply

Please submit application form with written consent to below address(E-Mail, FAX, By Mail or at Shop)


0120-507-380 (Mon.-Fri. 9:30am-17:00pm)
530-0046 9-5、Sugahara-cho, Kitaku, Osaka-City.