Cultivate the Sesame at the Farm

Cultivate the Sesame at the Farm

Sesame is absolutely essential ingredients to the Japanese cuisine however 99.9% of the sesame consumed in Japan are imported from overseas.

We started to cultivate by ourselves in Japan since the year of 2010.

Participants have been increasing year by year, adovocates who are the local farm people and others who will share the way of thinking of Sesame.

Roasting by ourselves

The Roasting is the most important key part of Sesame processing as same as coffee.

The Roasting is to put heat inside the sesame to bring out the taste and aroma. That is the work to inspire the spirit.

The 4th generation, president Etsuji Wda has been concentrating in roasting the little tiny sesame for more than 40 years, from 8am in the morning to 9pm at night every day and is still working very hard.

Spread Sesame charms

The Sesame role is basically to bring out the flavor of main dishes.

So we are eager to be the proper information provider for those question that it is very important ingredient to cook beautiful Japanese dishes.