About Organic Sesame

The Sesame with beautiful taste, cultivated without Agricultural Chemicals.

What is Organic Sesame ?

We call it as Organic Sesame which is cultivated at the land(farm) where no Agricultural Chemicals or Chemical Fertilizer are used for more than 2 years before seeding or planting Sesame and also certified as “Organic JAS Agricultural Food” by Certification Authority.

The organic Sesame is very tasty.

Safe and reliable Organic Sesame! Some people ask us “Is Organic sesame really tasty?” Yes, we definitely believe so because cultivating organic sesame require a lot of work and care which is completely different from the normal cultivating way which using Agricultural Chemicals.

The Organic sesame is well accepted in the world market!

We manufacture the Organic Sesame products with the Authorized certification covering The Japanese market and USA, EU market as well. The sesame products manufactured at our factory with full of care using Organic sesame seeds are well accepted widely at the world market.