About domestically cultivated Sesame

domestic harvest ratio is less than 0.1%

The sesame is absolutely essential for Japanese food culture however 99.9 % of Sesame consumed in Japan is imported and domestic self-sufficiency rate is only 0.1%.

200 Contracted farmer

In order to keep domestic Sesame crop, Wadaman launched the Sesame project since 2001.
With many of the farmers in about 20 crop district in Japan while biggest crop district is Kagoshima Pref. Kikaijima island and many other crop district including Kyushu, Shimane, Hyogo and Toyama. We have been cultivating Sesame without using agricultural chemicals or chemical Fertilizer.

Cultivate at Nara Pref.

We also started to cultivate sesame by ourselves at Nara Pref.since the year of 2009.
We are the professional Sesame roaster however did not have much experience for cultivating at begging therefore we really understood how tough work it is for farmers.