About Sesame

We usually enjoy eating the Sesame without much attention.However its domestic harvest ratio is less than 0.1% and the place of origin is Africa.
Therefore why not study more about Sesame ?

About domestically harvested Sesame

Though its domestic harvest ratio is less than 0.1%, it is absolutely essential for Japanese food culture. Where are they cultivated ?

Sesame Farm Owner system

Wadaman owns Sesame field at Katsuragi City, Nara Pref. and cultivating Sesame, planting seeds and harvesting Sesame together with the people who love sesame.
Would you like to join us ?

About Organic sesame

Sesame cultivated without using agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizer is not only quite safe for health but alos very tasty.

Basic knowledge of Sesame, production area

Where is the original production area of sesame? What is the White Sesame・Black Sesame・Gold Sesame ? How are they manufactured ?
Will explain the various thing about Sesame.

Nutrition of Sesame

Sesame is so called “The King of Nutrition”, they contain that much rich, various nutrition.
Famous nutrition of Sesame is “Sesamin” How much volume of Sesame is recommended to eat?